This is Emillia's story as seen through our eyes...... Emillia was diagnosed with FPIES right before christmas of 2009 she was almost 10 months old. We have had our challenges, our ups and downs, numerous tears, and even some laughs through our experiences.
We have met some amazing people during these trialing times and we are very thankful for them and all that they have done for us!
Emillia is a very sweet vibrant little girl as you will learn reading through this blog. She is a trooper and always seems to have a smile on her face through even some of the hardest times.
Emillia has taught us many lessons in life already and i know she will continue to do so, she is our princess!

God grant us
the serenity to accept
the things we cannot change..........

Monday, November 8, 2010

A day in the life of Emmy's FPIES

8-9am: Emmy wakes up and wants a "new" bottle, first thing she asks for, THEN she procedes to hand us EVERYTHING out of her crib, every stuffed animal, doll, blanket ect.......We turn on the cartoons for her while we try to figure out what she wants for her "breakfast.............." Once we figure that out (which is sometimes quite a challenge) she gets to continue watching her cartoons.  Usually for breakfast she will have one of her fruits (apples, mangos, blueberries, or strawberries) some kix and her soy formula.
11-12: She's by this time ran around the entire house turning it upside down terrorizing everything and is ready for her "lunch" which usually consists of her "1appies" "2cues" and "3am meat" which are her "1baby food sweet potatoes" "2real sweet potatoes" and "3 lamb patty with quinoa in it" followed by a pickle or apple sauce for dessert, another 8oz of formula and possibly some apple juice
1pm: NAP TIME!
4-5pm: Emmy has always taken extremely long naps.......... assuming her little body crashes from all the high sugars in her diet......... again starts the whole "new un" routine, new bottle and taking EVERYTHING back out of her crib. She then turns the house upside down again after dad or I have cleaned it.
5:30pm: dinner time, again, she gets her lamb, quinoa, sweet potaotes and one of her fruits and another 8-12oz of formula
??? after dinner its always up in the air on what she wants to do, as well as before/after nap time.... she enjoys playing outside, watching baby einstein, playing with her kitchen set and all the things expected of a 20 month old.
   Her diet to us seems pretty boring but she never complains unless she notices we have hidden any of her other "safe foods" in her lamb or potatoes at which time it is a total melt down. She enjoys baby sweet potatoes- but only sweet potatoes....weve tried the ones mixed with apples or strawberries but have learned it is a waste, first taste and her bowl is turned upside down.....
  She still def has food phobies over new foods, textures, colors. ect but we are challenging it every day to attempt to get her over that day at a time.............

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